Colombo Weather : Rain to effect India vs Sri Lanka Asia Cup final

Colombo Weather : Rain to effect India vs Sri Lanka Asia Cup final

The final match of Asia Cup 2023 between India and Sri Lanka will be played on Sunday, September 17 at R. Colombo. It will be played at Premadasa Stadium. Rain has been a problem in all the matches played in Sri Lanka so far. The group stage match between India and Pakistan in the tournament was canceled due to rain. There is a possibility of heavy rain in the title match as well.

According to a report by, around 80 percent rainfall is predicted for Colombo on September 17. Heavy rain may occur on the day of the match from 1 pm to 7 pm, which may cause difficulties in the match. Apart from this, wind speed can be 15 to 20 km per hour during this period. The temperature is likely to be between 25-30 degrees. Humidity will be around 80 percent. However, September 18 has been kept as a reserve day for the final match on Monday.

In Asia Cup 2023, both India and Sri Lanka drew 1-1 to reach the final. Indian team had to face defeat by 6 runs against Bangladesh in Super-4. While Sri Lanka was defeated by 41 runs in the match against India in the Super-4 stage.

Apart from that, both the teams have not lost a single match. However, due to rain, India’s first match of the tournament, which was played against Pakistan, was called off. While Sri Lanka defeated Bangladesh by 5 wickets in the first match. After the cancellation of the first match, the Indian team won 3 consecutive matches and lost the last match played against Bangladesh before the final. Along with this, Sri Lanka also won the first three matches and lost the fourth match. While the defending champion Sri Lanka won the fifth match and made a place in the final.

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